Our Purpose

Together, we seek to:



Glorify  God in passionate worship



Grow  in the way of Jesus as disciples



Give  our life away in Spirit-led mission and ministry



Go  with the love and hope of Jesus into the world

Our Vision

The vision for New Hope Baptist Church begins with our purposes as we seek to become a community that embodies “Glorify, Grow, Give, and Go.”

As these purposes grow deeply into the community, we will continue to expand vision for worship that welcomes our community, discipleship that grows Christians in the hearing and doing of God’s word, ministry that enables every person to use his/her gifts, and the missionary call that sends every disciple into the world, near and far.

Our Mission

The mission of New Hope Baptist Church is simply to make disciples who make disciples who seek first the Kingdom of God.

Ready to Learn More About New Hope?

Everyone at New Hope is continually learning and growing and that means we have questions too! Please review our core beliefs and meet our pastoral staff.