Deacon Ministries and Committees
Deacons serve the congregation of New Hope Baptist Church in various ways, including by leading the following Ministry Committees and Teams which include at least two members of the Deacon Fellowship and along with other church members. Church members may contact the Chair of a specific committee or team for assistance and should always feel free to contact the Deacon Chair for any concerns they may have related to the Ministry Teams or Ministry of the Deacon Fellowship.

• Bereavement and Crisis Support – Provide support and ministry to a grieving family at time of loss and other family crisis situations.

• Visitation – Offer support, spiritual encouragement and companionship to those hospitalized, recovering from illness/surgery or who are otherwise confined.

• Hospitality – Coordinates new member, regular visitor and first-time visitor engagement and provides a hospitable environment for visitors and new members.

• Community Resources and Partnerships – Strengthen relationships with community resources (Fire Department, Police Department, Food Bank, other churches) and our surrounding community.

• Fix-It – Respond to members needing emergency aid or requests for minor repairs around home and liaison with NC Baptist Men in Disaster Relief.

• Meal Support – Organize food/meals for those in need due to sickness, death or trauma in the family or the birth of children and to assist with food for possible needs by other Deacon ministry teams.


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