Following Jesus is a lifelong adventure.  Everyone has a “Next Step” in front of them.

For many, the next step is the first step of faith in the life-changing gift of the love of God in Jesus.  That includes a public profession of faith in baptism.  Baptism is a beautiful depiction of faith in God and commitment to Jesus.  If you want to learn more about baptism, please reach out to one of our pastors. If you are ready to profess your faith in Jesus through baptism, let us know.

If you are following Jesus, you have next steps as well.  These steps include becoming a member of a local church, joining with others in a disciple-making small group or class, and serving in ministry.  Perhaps your next step is a personal-growth step: forgiving someone who has hurt you, beginning a spiritual practice like prayer or regularly reading the Bible, or accepting a leadership opportunity God is leading you toward.  Perhaps your next step is to move from being in a group to leading a group.  The Holy Spirit is always leading us forward as we walk with Jesus.

As God leads you to your next step, we encourage you to take it!  Reach out and let us help.