Paula was a CBF field personnel missionary from 2007 – 2017 in Owsley and Powell counties in E. Kentucky.
Due to staff cutbacks due to financial issues and a new giving model, Paula is now continuing her same job but with a different title. I am a Poverty Engagement Partner with Together for Hope, which is the Rural Poverty
Initiative program of CBF. We made a twenty year commitment to work in the twenty poorest counties in the US. That number is now growing to over 300 counties.

Some of my ministries include: School mentoring at Owsley County Elementary School and Bowen Elementary School. Assisting individuals and families during crisis times. Encouraging seniors to attend college or vocational school. Serving as a Foster Care Review Board member in six counties. When mission teams want a place to serve in these counties, I find projects or activities for them. I partner with different partners in Owsley and Powell counties so that we can multiply our efforts as I seek to be the presence of Christ in these locations.

Please pray for families who are hurting as a result of the drug crisis in E. Kentucky.
Pray for teens to have a hope and vision for their lives.
Pray for the local churches to be willing to be involved in their communities.
Pray for teachers who are working under difficult circumstances.

Financial gifts that are tax deductible can be sent to:

Together for Hope in E. Kentucky Inc.
PO Box 1874
Lexington, Ky. 40588-1874

Paula Settle
PO Box 1782
Stanton, Ky. 40380-1782